Blood Orange new music video!
May 6, 2012

I met Dev, Devonté Hynes  the singer of Blood Orange when I was studying abroad in London 7 years ago. I was sitting outside a farmers market in Shortridge when he came to meet my friend Mags and me. He was talking about his band Test Icicles, which I wasn’t familiar with but knew immediately that Dev was something special. I kept him in under my radar for years and then when Blood Orange came out all the puzzle pieces came together! During my morning peruse through T Magazine I came across Blood Orange’s new video, Champagne Coast, which I LOVE!!!! It’s totally in line with the CRYBABY aesthetic, 90’s all the way. I immediately sent this over to Dakota who’s video art is insync with the Champagne Coast video. What can I say great minds think a like! Check out the Blood Orange video directed by Haley Woolens (Oh ya, we love her!), Video Art by Dakota Solt below and an interview with Devonté from T Magazine .

Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

Dakota Solt – Manic Loop Duh Hickey


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