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October 20, 2013

Not only do we love everything about the HAIM sisters but they happen to love CRYBABY. Buy Sertaline online Check out their video “Falling” where our signature CRYBABY suede skirt and the “Cereal Killer” Cape make appearances. Not to mention Alana and Este rockin’ some CRYBABY in their interview with Refinery29. PLUS! THEIR NEW ALBUM “DAYS ARE GONE” IS OUT. DOWNLOAD HERE

HAIM_Failling video stillHAIM “Falling” video still. Danielle (left) wearing the “Cereal Killer” cape and Alana (right) wearing the CRYBABY suede skirt.


HAIM Refinery29

HAIM wearing CRYBABY on Refinery29! Alana (center) wearing the CRYBABY clan half-pleated skirt and Este (right) wearing the circle and dot dress.

Who wears CRYBABY?

Pepi Ginsberg “ONLY video
July 23, 2013

CRYBABY Presents designed, produced and hand-dyed 33 costumes for “ONLY,” Pepi Ginsberg’s music video from the album “Companion.” They are all one of a kind. The video was directed by Bridget Palardy in Venice, California.

Who wears CRYBABY?

Wardell’s Sasha Spielberg wears CRYBABY on stage
March 16, 2013

Sasha Spielberg wears the CRYBABY Presents “Plaid Please” cami while performing in her new band Wardell.

Sasha Spielberg wears CRYBABY Presents “Daisy Doolittle Dress” while performing in Wardell


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