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October 20, 2013

Not only do we love everything about the HAIM sisters but they happen to love CRYBABY. Buy Sertaline online Check out their video “Falling” where our signature CRYBABY suede skirt and the “Cereal Killer” Cape make appearances. Not to mention Alana and Este rockin’ some CRYBABY in their interview with Refinery29. PLUS! THEIR NEW ALBUM “DAYS ARE GONE” IS OUT. DOWNLOAD HERE

HAIM_Failling video stillHAIM “Falling” video still. Danielle (left) wearing the “Cereal Killer” cape and Alana (right) wearing the CRYBABY suede skirt.


HAIM Refinery29

HAIM wearing CRYBABY on Refinery29! Alana (center) wearing the CRYBABY clan half-pleated skirt and Este (right) wearing the circle and dot dress.


Blood Orange new music video!
May 6, 2012

I met Dev, Devonté Hynes  the singer of Blood Orange when I was studying abroad in London 7 years ago. I was sitting outside a farmers market in Shortridge when he came to meet my friend Mags and me. He was talking about his band Test Icicles, which I wasn’t familiar with but knew immediately that Dev was something special. I kept him in under my radar for years and then when Blood Orange came out all the puzzle pieces came together! During my morning peruse through T Magazine I came across Blood Orange’s new video, Champagne Coast, which I LOVE!!!! It’s totally in line with the CRYBABY aesthetic, 90’s all the way. I immediately sent this over to Dakota who’s video art is insync with the Champagne Coast video. What can I say great minds think a like! Check out the Blood Orange video directed by Haley Woolens (Oh ya, we love her!), Video Art by Dakota Solt below and an interview with Devonté from T Magazine .

Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

Dakota Solt – Manic Loop Duh Hickey


The Naked and Famous
April 24, 2012

These videos are pretty neat! and so is this band! check ’em out…

Directed by Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali for Special Problems


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