Holy Smoke
October 15, 2011 - December 1, 2011

See the opening night photos here.

CRYBABY Presents first show “Holy Smoke” (October 15th- December 2nd, 2011) plays with identity and the altering of mundane objects in order to communicate contemporary representations of the known.

The installation features an exhibition of artwork by Adam Marnie, Leo Fitzpatrick, Kevin Zucker and Glen Baldridge, as well as original signed limited edition prints for CRYBABY Presents by the participating artists.

“Holy Smoke” will include clothing and accessories by Samatha Pleet, Katie Gallagher, Alexandra Cassaniti, Handkerchief, Popomomo, original clothing designs, Highland menswear, Etten Eller, Faux Real, Joshua Hall, Illesteva Sunglasses, Geminola mules, Postalco stationary, Baggu, as well as books by D.A.P. and a selection of objects and art products by Dino Sanchez, Isabel Halley, Revision Design Studio and Areaware.
The show features original furniture for sale made by the Haas Brothers, Sean Fabi & Maxim Jezek, Denver Dale and Society for Rational Dress in collaboration with CRYBABY Presents.

In October, CRYBABY Presents will also launch an ecommerce site photographed by fellow RISD grad Logan White. All of the goods available in their current installation will be available for purchase.

For more information on CRYBABY Presents, please write Caitlin at Caitlin@caitlinrider.com.

See photos from the the “Holy Smoke” Happening here.