September 30, 2011

MoonSpoon Saloon are sons and daughters of fascination who turn their fascination into performance and cloth. Designer Sara Sachs, contemporary artist Tal R, and photographer/film director Noam Griegst formed the dynamic collective known as MoonSpoon Saloon in 2009. Living and creating 6,000 miles apart in Copenhagen and Los Angeles, the alluring MoonSpoon universe is filled with supernatural beings, roller skates, theatre, humor, ballerinas, peacocks, and an emphasis on fun.

MoonSpoon fashion is performance art, the focus being on the character behind the clothing. The trio develops collections based on characters who are realized in the contemporary art world such as Chinese warriors for their “White Crane” performance at Victoria Miro Gallery in London, pastel striped roller skaters in a cake battle at Magasin 3 in Stockholm, and in collaboration with choreographer Ryan Heffington by creating 50 plastic couture costumes for the grand “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Italia.


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